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Squid Invasion NFT

Welcome on board!
We are getting ready to invade Terra, help us conquer them in the name of The Great Squid Empire!
Mint coming soon!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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The invasion begins!

‘’Today we invade earth!’’ Shouts the General to the troops on deck. ‘’We have the greatest army of the galaxies! We will conquer their hearts and add them to our great Empire! This time there will be no mistakes’’ sneers the General while the troops loudly cheer the imminent invasion.

In the background, far from everyone, a brightly red-faced janitor shivers under the sideways glances he receives from the general. And thinks to himself:

'It wasn’t my fault, he’s as boring as only a pompous idiot could be! And who would ever put such an important button on a desk so far from the main control center!! I fall asleep once, and because of some idiot’s poor design decision I accidentally nuke the dinosaurs! So what?! Big deal, we have dozens of planets with big lizards, and the humans will be a better catch! It was only a delay of a couple of rotations on the invasion, if anything he should be thanking me!!'

His thoughts are interrupted by the start of the invasion, there is no more time to think about the past. Soon earth will be conquered, and the general wants the deck to shine. He starts cleaning, muttering to himself: ‘’ NOT my fault!’’


The project's keyfeatures


We firmly believe that without a strong community nothing can be accomplished.  


We are here to stay and build!


We strive for improvement.

We will create new goals with each milestone reached.

Among the utilities you will find in our project we decided to provide some entertainment, thus the Squid Stories were born!

Our NFT comes with a series of short stories pubblications that will narrate the Squid's stories and adventures. These fun little aliens are collectors and love to write stories about their adventures in the universe. 

In the meantime take a look at our stories in the Squid Stories section of our website!

The Project


We are launching a new NFT that will be based on a solid market dynamic that aims to increase its value over time. The project begins with minting: all the net profits that will come from the SQUID INVASION NFT collection will be divided as follow:

  • 40% of profits will go to Squid Invasion as a Brand: this pecentage will be funding projects and expenses outside the NFT world like the Card Game so it's difficult to express the actual percentage that will go to the Team and/or Project, but keep in mind that this percentage will fund all secondary projects.

  • 3–5% will be used to implement the Treasury’s activity. 

  • 3–5% will be used for advertisement.

  • 3–5% events

  • 35% of profits will go to the holders as: treasury, events, prize, gifts and other exclusive content that will be given only to the owners of our SQUIDS

  • 5% of profits will go to charity: a selected amount per time, on a variable time frame, will be donated to public or private institutions that, directly or indirectly, are related to the animal world

  • 5% of profits will be kept as an emergency found: we don’t have much experience and because we want to expand our project implementing it but also augmenting its complexity, we want to immediately open an emergency found that can cover eventual problems we can encounter on our way.

Our project is divided into 3 main phases: after the first big release of our NFTs we aim to launch a system that will reduce the amount of NFTs available on the market while simultaneously rising their value. The system is based on an ever-growing backed price that we will be offering to our holders through a system that is explained in our whitepaper.  

You can find further information on the project in the article section of the website. 

Veronica aka Corvina

Hi guys! Nice to meet you, I’m a veterinary student that enjoys drawing, horror movies, trekking and videogames (actually I just started on those ‘cause I haven’t got much time). I’m the artist behind our squids, to be honest I’ve been drawing our little squid since middle school, and I am amazed that my little doodle became a full blast NFT! I entered Vet university after a degree in languages to completely change my field of work and do something that I would love, work with animals and care for their wellbeing. NFTs are a new thing for me, and I hope to achieve a way to support my education and help animals thanks to this wonderful journey in this new world.

Hello there! I’m also a veterinary student, I’m a crypto fan and it has been only a year since I started surfing the blockchain world. I’m passionate about learning new things and trying new projects. I’m the only one here that actually understand a thing about how this whole thing works, so I became the manager and am working on the boring stuff.

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Dawid aka Diwex

Woof! Woof! Hello, I’m a 4-and-a-half-year-old good boy, my passions are napping, napping on my mommy’s bed, trekking, and Snacks! Oh, I love snacks! I’m scared of strangers (things weren’t so good before mommy found me) but once I get to know a new person I fall in love with them, it’s just a matter of snacks (the truly yummy ones!). I don’t know what is going on here, but I wish everybody the best of luck and snacks! Snacks for everybody!